Lithuania is flat! Where do you ski?

We train during the week on Liepkalnis in Vilnius which offers great slalom training. On the weekends, we ski in Ignalina and in Latvia. A few times per year, we take trips to the Czech Republic, Poland or to the Alps.

My child has never skied before. Can he still participate?

Sure! We have three groups: Advanced race, beginning race, and a learn to ski group. We do reccomend that even the children who ski with the learn to ski group participate in at least one local race during the year for fun and experience.

I heard Jenn doesn’t speak Lithuanian, and my child doesn’t speak English. Can he/she still participate?

Absoutely! It is true that Jenn is not as fluent in Lithuanian as she might like to be, but she is learning fast. Most of the kids speak fluent English on the team, but the some kids speak only Lithuanian and so far it hasn’t been a problem.

How long should my skis be?

It depends on your height, age, and skiing ability. As a general rule, younger kids who are just starting out should have a good pair of modern (shaped) skis, approx. 10cm shorter than their actual height. As the child grows and develops as a skier, they should have at least one pair of normal racing SL skis, 5-15cm shorter than they are. If they choose to pursue racing outside of Lithuania, they will also need GS skis, which range from 5-15cm LONGER than they are. Finally, racers who reach the Junior category, and choose to race FIS (International Ski Federation sanctioned races), will need skis which meet the FIS requirements.

How do I know what size Spyder suit I need?

Ask the coach in charge of the Spyder order, or check the Spyder size charts online (Adult) or (Kids). We suggest you order one size larger than you think you need.

What size should my boots be?

It’s always tricky to find the right size boots! And, it’s VERY important. We know that kids are growing fast, parents are tempted to buy boots one size too large so they can be used for at least two seasons, but we STRONGLY CAUTION AGAINST BUYING TOO BIG BOOTS! Boots that are too big make it very difficult for the child to turn the ski, and also greatly increase the risk of injury!
You can get your foot measured for Salomon boots at Umarai ski shop if you plan to order together with KE.
Or, if you are planning to buy the boots in the store or from another child, make sure you check the overall fit and comfort of the boot with the liner in and ALL the buckles tightly closed, but also, take the liner out of the shell, ask the child to stand up, push his toes to the front of the boot. Then, reach inside and check how many adult fingers can fit between the heel and the shell. If more than two adult fingers, then the boot is too big.

Why does KE have training all summer?  I thought to become a good skier you just have to ski.

Ski racers are made in the summer!!! Every skier you see on the World Cup is an amazing skier, but the skiers who win are the skiers who are strongest OFF the slope.
Skiing requires strength, balance, agility (quickness), power and endurance.
Our FIS group is REQUIRED to attend summer physical trainings, and the SPORT group is strongly recommended to attend. The kids get not only a good workout, but further develop their sense of team, and even though it’s hard, they have a lot of fun!
If you doubt the need for physical conditioning in ski racing, just watch this video. Sometimes summer training doesn’t just help you win the race, it also keeps you safe!!!